Status Update

11 02 2010

So, I just noticed that it has been over a year and a half since I posted anything on here, and I figured it was time for a status update, so here we go.

The practicum with SIA that I started in March of 2008 result in being selected for a contract with them in September of that same year.  I am now working on my 4th contract for them in the field of video digitization and preservation, which is super exciting for me.

I’m still with the same guy, in the same place, but just as happy as ever.   We are starting to work on small improvement projects around the house, such as changing all the door knobs to brushed nickel instead of rusting bronze, painting the bedroom, etc. so it keeps us busy and entertained.  Also, his sister had a baby in early December (a little early Christmas present to us all), so having a little one to play with has been fun, and she is absolutely adorable!

We also traveled a lot this past year with a 5-day cruise to Europe, a week-long trip to Hilton Head with friends, a weekend in NYC for my birthday, and a week-long vacation in the Bahamas all happening this year.  It was nice for us to get away for a while, and we definitely won’t be traveling that much this year (although we already have trips planned to FL for a wedding, and the West Coast for graduations…).

The newest news is that we have pretty much been snowed in for the last 5 days due to two massive snow storms running back to back.  The first one dropped about 22 inches, thThat's a lot of snow!en there was a few days of melting, only to get another 8 inches today, so we’re back to 22 inches outside the house.  Everything here has been closed since Friday or Saturday, and most everything is closed through President’s Day on Monday so we’ll see what happens.  Hopefully there will be no more snow!

Anyway, that’s probably all the excitement for the last year and a half, but I’m also sure I’m forgetting something.  I’m going to try to actually use this more, but then again, I always say that.  Ah well…


Real World Applications

2 07 2008

So, as it turns out, I am using the skills I learned in CLIO 2 again!  I have just been tasked with creating a new website from an older, outdated one.  The cool thing about this one is I am getting experience working with a “client” of sorts who has some specific needs and goals for the site.  It’s fun to go through the process of coming up with a mock-up, and then talking over what else needs to be added, or what they would like to see changed.  I have found that I still remember pretty much everything I learned, but I did have to refer to the coding on my site for a few problem-solvers at first.  A refresher of sorts.  Also, I am playing around with using Adobe Fireworks to create the banners for some of the pages.  It seems fairly easy to use at the moment, but I will admit that I am not doing any hardcore work with it yet.

On a side note, I discovered that if you google my name, my website comes up on the first page!  Of course, it links to the Atomic Age page, which is not currently part of my site.  Also, if you google nuclear testing or atomic age, I can’t even find mine, but hey, it’s a start!

Final Feedback

12 05 2008

Alright, I don’t know who is still checking these, but I would like to ask for any feedback you have on my final project.  I will probably keep my website and transfer it to its own domain, but I would like to know if there is anything anyone would like me to fix before it really goes public.  Thanks!


8 05 2008

And it’s done.  My final project has been turned in along with my evaluation.  I really enjoyed this class, and I will continue to use the skills I learned to create more websites!  I will probably keep this blog up for a while as well, so feel free to keep it on your blog roll if you’d like.  It was a pleasure having everyone in class.  Thank you so much for your feedback, and for you help!  We did it!  Have a great summer!

Oh, Prof. P. has already started putting the links to the final projects up, and they look great!  We’ve come such a long was from our first CSS assignments! 

No Sleep for the Clio 2 Student

29 04 2008

My oh my.  Good news: I just finished making changes to my Atomic Age page to the point where I am at least somewhat satisfied with it.  Bad news: it took me way too long to do.  If all the rest of my pages take equally as long to perfect, I will either not be sleeping for the next three days, or it won’t be finished by Thursday.  More likely the former than the latter.  Anyway, here is the link to the atomic age page.  Feel free to look at it and give me feedback, especially if you have access to IE6, as I do not.  I’ll post links to the other pages as I finish them.

The Revelations of Myst

24 04 2008

I was not a fan of this game.  First of all, I too had difficulty finding it anywhere.  I was finally able to download a demo of the game, but when I went to play it, Myst IV told me that my graphics card was unrecognizable by the game.  I even tried a demo from a different website in case it was just that particular file.  So instead, I had to download the Myst V demo from the creator’s website.  That worked, and I was able to test out the demo.  Like Elara, I had discovered that I am not a fan of 3D games where you run around a solve puzzles.  It’s not so much the solving puzzles I don’t like (I love the game Azada which is nothing but puzzles), it’s the having to run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to press every button and explore every object I come across in order to find the puzzles!  Not to mention I have slight motion sickness, so playing a 3D game like this for too long gives me a headache and makes me nauseous.  I also think that part of my discontent might lie in the fact that I was playing Myst V instead of Myst IV which seemed like it might have been more interesting to me.

I agree that video games certainly have something to teach us.  Like I said, I love Azada, which promotes critical thinking and logical reasoning.  I think if someone were to create a game of a similar nature using a history topic, it would be just as interesting.  Part of what I didn’t like about Myst V was the same thing that everyone was complaining about with The Lost Museum before.  There was a lot of running around clicking on things without any results or instructions.  There was a game that I played a couple of months ago (I wish I could remember the name…) that was the perfect format for what I think a history game should try to emulate.  Basically, it combined logic puzzles with sort of a search and find atmosphere where you had a list of clues to find in a particular location, and then you had to use those clues to solve the various puzzles in order to move on.  You could create a history game in a similar fashion.  For example, you could have a game on the Revolutionary War where someone had to find all the parts to their musket and then put it together before running off to join the militia.  That way, the game is fun and engaging, but still historical.

I think it is going to take a set of history-loving programmers to create something that will be good enough to bring a new name to history games.

Design Assignment

16 04 2008

So my design assignment is finally posted after several hours of fiddiling around with the picture at the top to get it just right.  And then of course there was the task of choosing an appropriate font for the subject.  I know that the color scheme may seem a little bland and boring, but it’s how I view the time period and the particular events I am discussing.  However, if anyone has any opinions on what would be some good colors to incorporate, I would be up for testing it out.

On a similar note, before starting my design assigment this past weekend, I went through and did some housecleaning on my site, i.e. fixing links and adding a link to the about page to all of the subpages of the site.  Also, something I have been contemplating, and have discussed with Dr. Petrik, is how to do the overall design of my site.  She said that all the pages need to form one cohesive group, and the layout and design need to be pretty similar on all pages.  My dilemma is that I want to use the map as the background like I did for my reprecussions page, but that particular image does not fit with each page.  So the question is, should I stick with the original design that is on the science page, should I keep the background and design of the reprecussions page for the whole site, or should I keep the same concept as the reprecussions page but change the background image on the pages where it is necessary?  Let me know what you think!