5 02 2008

Ever since I finished the bulk of the work on my homepage on Friday, I have been mulling over the problem of how to get my header image and text to stay the same distance apart no matter what the size of the browser window.  Finally, at 1:30am, while browsing through other random pages on the web hoping one of them might hold the answer to my problem, it dawned on me: if I make a “wrapper”box with a border for my entire page, and set certain size requirements for that box, it will display the same way on any size browser.  Silly me.  While trying to master some of the more complicated aspects of xhtml and css, I totally forgot about the very first thing we did to our little Dreamweaver pages in class; create a box for everything to fit inside! *sighs*  Well, now that I’ve created my little wrapper box, I think I am finally as content as I am going to be with my page.  That is, until I get to class on Thursday and discover something new and exciting to do with it.

If you would like, you can see my page here.




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5 02 2008

I have the same problem! I tried to put an image and text in the header and no matter how hard I try, the image either was over the text or the text was outside the box. I’ll give your solution a try (at work right now, and can’t play around with my site).

5 02 2008


THANKS for the tip. I just checked my blog. I found one problem. The template I downloaded from MacFly had the header outside the the mainwrapper. Once I moved it inside the mainwrapper, the width of the header conformed to the width of the main wrapper …it no longer went into infinity on the right side of the screen (first problem solved). Then I was able to begin tackeling the battle of the graphic vs. the title in the header. I was able to force it to work w/o any fancy CSS coding. I tried the adapt using the div_id=”column and div_id=Column_inner markup on page 113 of Wyke-Smith, but couldn’t seem to get it to work with headers. It also wouldn’t work as he had it typed in his book. (probably not making sense..sorry). Anyway, I’m going to try as you suggest now…..I’ll keep you posted.


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