19 02 2008

So I seem to have run into a rather unusual problem this evening while working on my type assignment.  Earlier in the day I fixed some of my CSS code to be more readable and less complicated.  Now, I’ve discovered that for some reason, my final project homepage loads with the correct margins on my navigation and content sections, but all the pages that are linked off of that page, that are all linked to the same CSS page as the homepage, do not have a left margin on the navigation, and double the margin on the right side of the content bar.  I have looked over my CSS and XHTML code several times and cannot figure out what is happening.  I even tried running my pages through the validators again to see if maybe I missed something somewhere, but they came out clean.  I think it’s really weird that my CSS is loading the margins correctly on the homepage, but incorrectly on all the other pages, even though it is the exact same CSS page.  Any suggestions?




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