Mystery Solved

20 02 2008

So I’m sitting here trying to put footnotes into my nice little body of text when I discover one of the most useful functions on Dreamweaver.  If you place your cursor on any text within your XHTML coding, on the right-hand side of your screen above your sight index, Dreamweaver will tell you what section that particular bit of code belongs to, as well as what CSS properties are applied to it.  For example, a paragraph in your content section will come up properties for “#content p,” font size….line height…etc.  Also, if you click on the end tag for any element, such as a div, it will tell you what that end tag belongs to.  It is through such use that I discovered the answer to my problem.  I was placing my footnote div and discovered that there was an end tag about my footer that was coming up as “body.”  I thought this was odd since I had a body end tag below my footer.  In my rampant search to discover the beginning tag of this div, I discovered that it belonged to my “mainwrapper” div.  However, it was coming up as body because my CSS had that particular property labeled “middlewrapper,” which is what I had changed the name to on my homepage when I was originally writing the code so that I would not confuse it with my border.  However, I completely forgot to change the name on all the rest of my pages.  So, now my little Dreamweaver box happily informs me that my end div tag belongs to my wrapper.  Thank you little Dreamweaver box.  Another mystery solved.




One response

20 02 2008
John Henry

Great post about a Dreamweaver tool. I had to use that same function to find why my naviagtion bar was coming out all goofy. I had closed my nav section prior to going into my nav_inner. This caused all my margins to exceed the size and overflow. What a disaster. I don’t know if you noticed, but the information of which section you are in is also available in the status line at the bottom of the screen sort of like the link being available in the bottom of ie when your cursor hovers over a link.

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