21 02 2008

After many tedious hours of playing with my endnotes, they all work.  I also included my pull quote and two block quotations.  The two block quotes look slightly different because one is a picture I created in photoshop using my text of choice, and the other is one that uses proper XHTML and CSS mark-up for block quotes, since I figured part of the point of this assignment was to show we are capable of creating block quotations. I included my requisite picture as well, and after some fiddling, was able to classify it in a way that allowed it to be placed on the opposite side of the column from my pull quote.  Thank you Jerry for the tip on using for the CSS coding on the pull quote, by the way.  Other than that, I can honestly say that I am finished with my type assignment. *breathes a sigh of relief*




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24 02 2008

Hi Kira

I put this on my blog also but just in case you didn’t see it am posting it to your blog:

Thanks for taking the time to try and figure out what’s going on with my “disappearing footnote”! I worked it out. It was all a matter of the placement of my code. Once I changed some of the coding around, such as the , to another position the footnote appeared (in fact two of them appeared!). But that was because I had one extra footnote formatting in there I didn’t need. So lesson learned is that sometimes if there is a problem with something try moving the code around! Thanks again.

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