Photoshop, Oh Photoshop

5 03 2008

So I started out this week by playing around with putting my own image in the background of a page, playing with the lasso tool, and such like we did in class.  I came up with a product that I kind of like, and was planning to make the new background for my typography page.  However, a recent poll of friends and family has come to the conclusion that it’s nice, but it doesn’t really best display my information.  You can see the revised page here if you like, and feel free to way in on the debate of course. The page the most seem to like is here so that you can do a proper comparison.

As far as the readings for this week go, I thought they gave some interesting techniques and tips for using Photoshop.  I particularly liked the site on creating gradient backgrounds, although that had more to do with proper mark-up than Photoshop.  Also, I found Karen Eismann’s restoration and retouching techniqures in Photoshop to be incredibly helpful, but a bit overwhelming.  Like Sherpa John said, I’m glad that Spring Break is coming up so I will have more time to play around with Photoshop and discover its various functions and techniques.




One response

6 03 2008
Jared Koller

Hey Kira,

I definitely like the new design better. I was wondering if you are planning on still using the old design for the links (Images, The Nevada test Site…etc); because I’m not sure it fits. If you could find someway to incorporate that bright yellow into the homepage towards the top, or even the more subdued one at the bottom towards the top of the homepage, that might give the visitor less of a shock as he or she enters these links. I think the color scheme you used for the homepage in total is nice. At least according to our readings, continuity is important, and the links seem like an entirely different site. Plus I believe if you wish to shock the viewer, it should be done on the homepage where there is significantly less material, compared to the links where the readability is paramount. The large yellow atop the links pages makes it difficult at times to focus on anything else. These are just a couple suggestions I have, but once again I think the homepage is excellent.

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