Technology and Visual Appeal

3 04 2008

When watching the podcast of Hans Rosling’s talk at the TED Conference, I could not help being hooked.  Not only did the information he presented help to eliminate some of the myths about longevity in third-world countries, but the software he used for his presentation was amazing!  I was a biology major in a former life, and as I was watching his presentation, it made me think how much more impressive my senior thesis could have been if I had a program like that with which to show off my statistics.  That got me thinking about how I could use a similar concept to for my website.

While there are a few charts and statistics I could present on the amount of radiation poisoning for a particular group, I was thinking more about the overall look of my site.  What was it that got my attention about his presentation?  Was it just the moving charts, or was it the colors and the visual appeal of his overall presenation?  I decided it was a combination of both.  His charts were interesting with their moving statistics and what not, but the part I could apply to my site was the overall concept of putting information in a format that the audience can understand and relate to.  The graphs looked good because they were easy to understand, while incorporating a sort of multi-media.  For my website, I need to make sure that the language is scholarly, but still understandable, and try to supplement some of the text with video or audio files that relay the same message.  Watching this podcast gave me many ideas for how to capture my audience’s attention without using fancy programs. 




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