Design Assignment

16 04 2008

So my design assignment is finally posted after several hours of fiddiling around with the picture at the top to get it just right.  And then of course there was the task of choosing an appropriate font for the subject.  I know that the color scheme may seem a little bland and boring, but it’s how I view the time period and the particular events I am discussing.  However, if anyone has any opinions on what would be some good colors to incorporate, I would be up for testing it out.

On a similar note, before starting my design assigment this past weekend, I went through and did some housecleaning on my site, i.e. fixing links and adding a link to the about page to all of the subpages of the site.  Also, something I have been contemplating, and have discussed with Dr. Petrik, is how to do the overall design of my site.  She said that all the pages need to form one cohesive group, and the layout and design need to be pretty similar on all pages.  My dilemma is that I want to use the map as the background like I did for my reprecussions page, but that particular image does not fit with each page.  So the question is, should I stick with the original design that is on the science page, should I keep the background and design of the reprecussions page for the whole site, or should I keep the same concept as the reprecussions page but change the background image on the pages where it is necessary?  Let me know what you think!




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18 04 2008

First off, I like how your design site is setup. The color scheme to me works fine. I don’t know what your intention is, but if it’s trying to describe the vanity placed on nuclear testing as a negative, then the gray colors would work well as a contrast from the hype of the Atomic Age.

I think using your original design would save you a lot of headaches, since you mentioned having to change the layouts of each page for the map image. However, on the repercussions page, maybe you could use the map background and also use some of the same elements of the original design, like borders, fonts, color scheme, etc.

23 04 2008
jerry prout


I am down in Charlotte tonight and just pulled up your design assignment on the comouter in hotel lobby (IE 6); you might want to check because the text starts well down the page. I have had all sorts of issues with IE 6 views and I have put off validation until the end (which may cause my entire site to blow up!!!!)

HOWEVER I really lkike this design and I think you should stick with the grays. The subject is in fact gray and why sugar coat it with colors. I actually had (or am having) a great deal of trouble with colors as they appear on Mozilla and as on IE. The design is great; keep it.


23 04 2008

I really liked your page. I LOVED the font you used on “The Atomic Age”, I loved the car coming out of the wrapper, I thought it was all great. I did, however find the gray on gray difficult to read. I would suggest making the background a lighter gray and maybe let a little color bleed through on the car image, but that’s just a suggestion. I really liked the page though, I think it’s very effective, especially that font.

10 06 2013

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