No Sleep for the Clio 2 Student

29 04 2008

My oh my.  Good news: I just finished making changes to my Atomic Age page to the point where I am at least somewhat satisfied with it.  Bad news: it took me way too long to do.  If all the rest of my pages take equally as long to perfect, I will either not be sleeping for the next three days, or it won’t be finished by Thursday.  More likely the former than the latter.  Anyway, here is the link to the atomic age page.  Feel free to look at it and give me feedback, especially if you have access to IE6, as I do not.  I’ll post links to the other pages as I finish them.




One response

30 04 2008
jerry prout


My work computer is pulls up IE 6 and you are having same issue I am having with my Negro March page; i.e., what looks beautiful and marvelous on Firefox and hopefully Safari…gets smushed down to bottom of page on IE. Dr. Petrik was obviously right in warning us re the pitfalls of IE.


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