Final Feedback

12 05 2008

Alright, I don’t know who is still checking these, but I would like to ask for any feedback you have on my final project.  I will probably keep my website and transfer it to its own domain, but I would like to know if there is anything anyone would like me to fix before it really goes public.  Thanks!




One response

13 05 2008

Hi Kira,

I really like the colors you ended up using, and the graphics. I would add a paragraph at the beginning on the homepage, just describing the Manhattan project and the wartime nuclear testing. It seems like you just jump into the end of the war and the realization that more testing will have to happen. It’s still understandable to the visitor, but I think an additional opening paragraph would clarify it a bit. My only other criticism is that some of your paragraphs are hard to read online just because they are long paragraphs (especially in the Test Site section). I don’t think you need to change the text, but just to split the paragraphs and put in new h2s. And this is half compliment and half criticism, but I think you almost look too pretty in your “about the author” page–not historian enough. No idea how to fix that one, but it’s an observation, for what it’s worth. Great job!

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