Real World Applications

2 07 2008

So, as it turns out, I am using the skills I learned in CLIO 2 again!  I have just been tasked with creating a new website from an older, outdated one.  The cool thing about this one is I am getting experience working with a “client” of sorts who has some specific needs and goals for the site.  It’s fun to go through the process of coming up with a mock-up, and then talking over what else needs to be added, or what they would like to see changed.  I have found that I still remember pretty much everything I learned, but I did have to refer to the coding on my site for a few problem-solvers at first.  A refresher of sorts.  Also, I am playing around with using Adobe Fireworks to create the banners for some of the pages.  It seems fairly easy to use at the moment, but I will admit that I am not doing any hardcore work with it yet.

On a side note, I discovered that if you google my name, my website comes up on the first page!  Of course, it links to the Atomic Age page, which is not currently part of my site.  Also, if you google nuclear testing or atomic age, I can’t even find mine, but hey, it’s a start!




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