Status Update

11 02 2010

So, I just noticed that it has been over a year and a half since I posted anything on here, and I figured it was time for a status update, so here we go.

The practicum with SIA that I started in March of 2008 result in being selected for a contract with them in September of that same year.  I am now working on my 4th contract for them in the field of video digitization and preservation, which is super exciting for me.

I’m still with the same guy, in the same place, but just as happy as ever.   We are starting to work on small improvement projects around the house, such as changing all the door knobs to brushed nickel instead of rusting bronze, painting the bedroom, etc. so it keeps us busy and entertained.  Also, his sister had a baby in early December (a little early Christmas present to us all), so having a little one to play with has been fun, and she is absolutely adorable!

We also traveled a lot this past year with a 5-day cruise to Europe, a week-long trip to Hilton Head with friends, a weekend in NYC for my birthday, and a week-long vacation in the Bahamas all happening this year.  It was nice for us to get away for a while, and we definitely won’t be traveling that much this year (although we already have trips planned to FL for a wedding, and the West Coast for graduations…).

The newest news is that we have pretty much been snowed in for the last 5 days due to two massive snow storms running back to back.  The first one dropped about 22 inches, thThat's a lot of snow!en there was a few days of melting, only to get another 8 inches today, so we’re back to 22 inches outside the house.  Everything here has been closed since Friday or Saturday, and most everything is closed through President’s Day on Monday so we’ll see what happens.  Hopefully there will be no more snow!

Anyway, that’s probably all the excitement for the last year and a half, but I’m also sure I’m forgetting something.  I’m going to try to actually use this more, but then again, I always say that.  Ah well…




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