This is not by any means my first official post for the class, but I couldn’t just leave the site blank until then.  Therefore, I figured I would give a brief introduction as to who I am and why my site it “The Atomic Blog.”  I have a Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  I am currently finishing up my second year of graduate school where I am working towards a Masters in American History on the applied track.  If you had asked me a year and a half ago what my favorite timeperiod in history was I would have said I was torn between early colonial America, or the late 1940s through the 1960s, specifically the Atomic Age and nuclear testing in Nevada.  However, I have since discovered that my love for nuclear testing is too great to ignore, so that has become the main focus of my studies.  Other than that, I’m working full time and finishing up my degree.  I’m looking forward to learning a great deal in this class, and I hope this site will look better when the class is over than it is right now.


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21 04 2010

Hi, they still do this kind of testing in parts of Arizona, which kind of sucks. I grew up there. I have actually felt a shockwave from one of these bombs. It sucks because the desert there is so beautiful. The shockwave produces a weird feeling, you actually see different colors for a while, green, yellow, and red. I’m guessing from the radiation or something that gets carried out with the shockwave. It’s good to see that people still care about some of this stuff and it’s posted on the internet. It’s sad that is wasn’t until the mid 90’s that the government actually admitted anything was wrong. I don’t know if it’s still done today, but it was in the 90’s. I’m presuming it still is.

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